Computer Repair

We live in a world where computers in the home are simply a fact of life. Whether the computer is used for the student at home looking to complete assignments and research or by mum trying to find out where to go to buy something before getting in the car, the home computer needs to work reliably all of the time.

There may be a need to ensure that your system is protected from viruses or it may be that young children using the computer are protected from inappropriate content. Whatever it is that you need your home computer to do, we have the expertise to ensure that we get it working for you quickly and cost effectively.

We will respond promptly to your request for assistance and will determine whether they or someone else from within the group is the best person to give you the advice and service that you need.

We will diagnose the problem and provide you with a quote or estimate that does not confuse you with a lot of technical jargon. Our quoting system is designed to be easy to understand because we realize that if you were a technician you wouldn't need us.

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Computer Checkup

Make sure you’re getting the most from your computer with this checkup service. We will make sure everything is in working order and remove any unnecessary programs to improve your PC's performance. We’ll also make sure all updates, software fixes and security enhancements are up to date. Time: 2 to 3 hours In your Office or Home

Our pricing is competitive and often negotiable depending on you requirements. All prices are subject to change.
If we can't fix your problem you don't pay.

Full Service

Computers are an essential part of every business and a well maintained computer ensures you will complete your projects in a timely fashion. If you need an Internet presence we can provide you with a Website, Domain Registration and Web Hosting all in one affordable package. Gregory The Geek is a professional, sunshine coast local and cost effective answer to all you computer requirements. Years of experience afford us the knowledge needed to deliver your clients with their preferred result.

Serving the Sunshine Coast of Beautiful British Columbia

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