Do you have time to deal with a computer that isn’t working properly? Are your systems up to date on security and software issues? Keeping up with technology can be overwhelming and frustrating. Why not let the computer experts at GREGORY THE GEEK take care of your  PC technology needs? We’re your friendly local computer professional, and we’re eager to tackle all of your business or home computer needs.

GREGORY THE GEEK, understands that different customers have different needs and expectations.  Our initial consultation / interview allows us to make an informed assessment of your business and personal computer requirements. When you need hardware / software upgrades, wired or wireless network solutions, virus and spyware protection, security  software, individualized training for your specific needs or just some tips to make your computing time more productive, GREGORY THE GEEK is here to help with solutions tailored to your requirements.

When you need training in common software packages, and don’t have time to read the manuals or struggle through less than helpful help files, call GREGORY THE  GEEK. We understand that not everyone speaks techno-babble and we will instead explain concepts and applications  in understandable terms .  We can teach you practical tips for making the most of you computer, with lessons geared to your needs  and schedules. Call us today to put our experience to work for you!

GREGORY THE GEEK has been a computer technician since the 80’s. His academic and experience credentials include  a diploma in Computer Information Systems, multiple technical seminars, and over twenty years of customer support for both public and corporate computer users . He has worked for Hewlett Packard. Experienced and knowledgeable in many facets of computer hardware, software and network systems Gregory the Geek computer repair on the Sunshine Coast can solve your problems.

Our technicians are available for expert computer (PCs only) repair on business and personal systems . At this time, we do not support Apple/Mac systems. (Sorry, no hardware repairs for printers, laptops or monitors.)
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Our pricing is competitive and often negotiable depending on you requirements. All prices are subject to change.
If we can’t fix your problem you don’t pay. Sunshine Coast Computer Repair and Services Gregory The Geek